Martin Luther King March 2020
Democrats represent the majority of the disenfranchised and people in need.

As Chair of Democratic Party, Grace believes, it is essential to have all 726 precincts filled with engaged Democrats and help them reach out throughout their precinct during the year.
With all precincts filled, voting will be increased, making gains in meaningful representation.

Grace will work with all elected officials to increase and maintain accessibility, disseminate voter information, and keep voters informed on the election process and the platforms of candidates.
By increasing our voter numbers, we will combat voter suppression as new citizens, communities of color and middle, low-income families and individuals will have voice in elections.
Every Precinct Chair is vital to our empowerment, the Blue Vanguard is our key to success.


 Bexar County Business Conference 2019 - with Renee Watson (Left)
 Bexar County Small Minority Women Owned Business Committee - Grace Rose Gonzales Policy Chair (Right)

As owner of Grace PG Design Group, Grace understands the complexities and intricacies of owning a business. She has served on the City of San Antonio Small Minority Women Owned Business Commission, which has recently received an international award for the increased in the utilization of SMWBE companies. Currently, she serves on Bexar County SMWBE Board that has just begun an important step in increasing utilization by beginning a disparity study for Bexar County. This disparity study is the foundation for goal settings that will increase the use of Small Minority Women Owned Businesses by the County.

As policy chair of Bexar County SMWBE, she helped draft the current policy that creates a classification for LGBTQ businesses that are now recognized by Bexar County. While serving on the Port Authority Board, she spearheaded a focus analysis by the Authority, resulting in implementation of improved construction cost estimated methods, which lowered cost variances for devlopment infrastrcutre and asset management projects. 

Grace Rose Gonzales is passionate about the success and pathways to success for small minority women owned businesses,
which are the backbone of the Democratic Party. 


Keystone Neighborhood Pre-Fiesta Party 

Grace Rose Gonzales has experience in working with community as the President of her neighborhood association Keystone, and a member of Tier One Neighborhoods, a consortium of 58 inner city neighborhoods.  She was also Zoning Commissioner for District 7 and worked to improve the infill development guidelines of the UDC (Unified Development Code) successfully.  The strain of infill development brought many inner-city neighborhoods to Zoning, with parking, and density issues that negatively impacted the quality of life for their community.  Grace worked with City Council, City staff and Tier One to find solutions that are being implemented today.

Grace understands the importance of quality of life that is essential to a safe home and will help in the recruitment of elected officials by being Democratic Party Chair that will help protect the neighborhoods by promoting democratic candidates that believe in balance, in growth, and in understanding of equity building.
As the Bexar County Democratic Chair, Grace will work to have clear connectivity among the members of the Democratic Party which will be translated out to the neighborhoods and community.